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Call Us: (419) 678-4877

Our Facilities

Coldwater Machine’s 132,500 sq ft. climate-controlled facility features three (3) large assembly bays and a machine shop with over 40 machine tools. In addition, we have a Solid State Joining Center and Materials Evaluation Testing (MET) lab dedicated to support our customer’s friction welding and refill friction stir spot welding R&D and prototyping needs for joining of lightweight and dissimilar materials. Coldwater has a quality department with three (3) CMMs to support our internal machining needs as well as our customer’s build-to-print and part validation requirements.


  • 132,500 sq. ft. facility located on 19 acres
  • Ten (10) overhead crane systems up to 25-tons
  • Fully climate controlled building for precision machining
  • Factory floor is laid out in three (3) x 60-ft x 660-ft. crane bays
  • Large manufacturing area to support complete line setups and builds
  • Inspection and test
  • Solid State Joining Center with MET Lab

Equipment Summary


5-Axis DMG Mori Mill Turn Center; high efficiency, high precision. Maximum part size of 24” diameter, 60.6” length

2-Pallet Horizontal Machining Center; pallet size 1,000 x 1,000 mm. Maximum part size of 57″ diameter, 57″ length

Horizontal Boring Mill

(6) machines, rotary table(s); up to 240” table travel, 96” vertical travel

Vertical Milling & Boring

(19) machines; up to 63” x 161.5” or 70” x 125” table travel


(6) horizontal machines; up to 24” x 150” centers
(2) vertical turning lathes; up to 78” diameter


(5) surface grinders; up to 30” x 72”
(1) rotary surface grinder; up to 60” diameter
(2) ID/OD grinders; up to 18” x 120”


(2) wire machines; up to 19.7” x 13.8” x 11.8” envelope


(2) Coordinate measuring machines up to 48” x 80” x 40” envelope

Faro Vantage Laser Tracker for large and off-site inspections of parts and machines

Load Testing

Built-in load test bed and 25-ton crane capacity yielding 50,000 pounds​

Met Lab

Abrasive cut-off saw
Metallurgical microscope with digital imaging
Grinding/polishing station