What We Do

{homepage_callout_headline} Coldwater Machine Company is a leader in the design, build and integration of specialized equipment for discrete manufacturing with extensive precision-machining capability. We apply our breadth of experience across metal-working, material science, and manufacturing processes to develop effective solutions that improve production operations......

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We Are Coldwater Machine

{homepage_callout_headline} Our specialty is solving your manufacturing challenges with truly innovative and simple solutions. Our proven ability to design, manufacture and deliver the final product on-time and on-budget demonstrates our depth of project management, mechanical engineering expertise and manufacturing experience.

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Our Joining Technology

{homepage_callout_headline} Coldwater Machine Company is an industry leader in friction welding, an innovative process that uses frictional heat held under pressure. It creates high-quality welds without filler metal in a matter of seconds. Download our updated brochure and contact us to learn more!

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